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Game Introduction

Saaguan is a new, fun board game of pure skill.
It has simple rules but complex, rapidly-changing, situations.

It can be played on the Octaboard or the Hexaboard by 2-6 players.

These are the "mini" boards used for demonstration:

"Octaboard" (8 directions) "Hexaboard" (6 directions)

Players have colored pieces called "Robots".

Each robot has an imaginary "Beam"; if it hits an opponent's robot it threatens it.

← Here red is threatening blue.

New robots are placed anywhere in the "Corridor" of the board (no fixed start position means every game starts differently!) and can subsequently be moved in three ways:
  • Rotate left;
  • Rotate right;
  • Advance one unit in the direction of the beam.

Every go, players can make three movements of any their robots. (Giving an average of nearly 2000 possibilities in the two-player game!)

If two beams threaten an opponent’s robot it is "Locked" (shown by the black ring); it cannot move and its beam is disabled.

← The blue robot here has been locked by red.

If three beams hit a robot, then it is "Shutdown" and removed from the board.

There are two ways that a player can rescue, or "Unlock", a locked robot to avoid it being shutdown.

Here blue robot no.1 ("Blue-1") is locked by Red-1 and Red-2 →

Consider Blue-2:

  • If it advances it will interrupt Red-2’s beam, unlocking Blue-1;
  • If it rotates left, Red-2 will be locked, and its beam disabled, also unlocking Blue-1.

The aim of the game is to shutdown your opponent’s robots (before they shutdown yours!)

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